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Instruction (Eng)

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rearing instructions

What you need:

Transparent aquarium
Sand or gravel
Distilled water
Heating element, only with warm water types
table lamp
Water treatment
Urzeitkrebse eggs


Step 1: Find suitable place
Keep the container away from pets, children, sunbeams and airflow.

Step 2: Wash out the aquarium / sand
Using a sponge and tap water, thoroughly clean the vessel. Wash the sand with tap water until the water no longer becomes cloudy.
Caution !: Do not use soap.

Step 3: Fill in sand
Now fill the sand in the container and distribute it evenly.

Step 4: Fill with water
Now carefully pour the water into the container so that the sand does not whirl up too much.
Caution !: Use only distilled water.

Step 5: Set up the table lamp
Place the table lamp over the aquarium.
Caution !: The lamp should be on for 8-12 hours a day. So take one
Lamp that produces little or no heat.

Step 6: Prepare water
Hang the water purifier treatment (tea bag) in the water for 24 hours and remove it
then again.

Step 7: Give eggs into it
Now pour the egg-sand mixture into the container. In the vessel may only in the beginning
Water and sand are located. The first little fairshrimp will now hatch after 24-48h. Caution !: There are still eggs on the packaging. Move the bag up and
Strip / shake it over the container thoroughly.

Day 1-7: Feed dust food
Feed the small fairyshrimp in the morning and in the evening with one toothpick tip each of the green ones
Dust feed.

Day 7-X: Feed main food
Since fairyshrimp are filtrate, you have to feed the whole breed over dust feed. Feed approximately 1 toothpick per day per fairyshrimp.

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