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Instruction (Eng)

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rearing instructions

1. The aquarium and the equipment should be cleaned completely with distilled water once.

2. The salt water solution should contain 30 g (about 5-6 teaspoons) of iodine-free salt to about 1 liter of distilled water.

3. The ideal hatch temperature is 25 - 30 ° C.

4. The Artemia eggs must constantly keep moving, either one installs an air pump or stirs a few times possible something with a toothpick. If you decide for a vent, then you should make sure that the outflow is not too strong.

5. Good illumination of the aqaurium also affects the hatch qoute. For a 1 liter aquarium 60 watts are enough.

6. You should not give more than 1 - 1.5 g Artemia eggs per liter of water. The more cysts are applied, the fewer Artemia will hatch. Probably the ur-biology of the cancer is still striking: many organisms in a limited habitat have little chance of reproduction or survival. Few organisms have high chances of survival and high rates of reproduction.

7. After 24 - 30 hours, depending on the temperature, the salt shrimps start to hatch.

8. After about one day you should start to feed the small Artemia daily with some spirulina or dried yeast.

9. If you want to have the Artemia permanently and no permanent eggs to be laid, you must make sure that the salt content does not increase. For this purpose, evaporated water must be added again and again. Because as the salt content increases, Artemia starts to instinctively stick to permanent eggs (as, for example, the lake starts to dry out when they live).

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