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Instruction (Eng)

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IMPORTANT: Lepidurus are cold water prehistoric crabs. Therefore Lepdidurus can only be bred in winter in a cold room below 7 ° C. Therefore, make sure that your lamp does not generate heat!

Rearing instructions

What you need:

Transparent aquarium
Sand or gravel
Distilled water
Heating element, only with warm water types
table lamp
Water treatment


Step 1: Find suitable place
Keep the container away from pets, children, sunbeams and airflow.

Step 2: Wash out the aquarium / sand
Using a sponge and tap water, thoroughly clean the aquarium. Wash the sand with tap water until the water no longer becomes cloudy.
Caution !: Do not use soap.

Step 3: Fill in sand
Now fill the sand in the container and distribute it evenly.

Step 4: Fill with water
Now carefully pour the water into the container so that the sand does not whirl up too much.
Caution !: Use only distilled water.

Step 5: Set up the table lamp
Place the table lamp over the aquarium.
Caution !: The lamp should be on for 8-12 hours a day. So take one
Lamp that produces little or no heat.

Step 6: Prepare water
Hang the water treatment (tea bag) in the water for 24 hours and remove it
then again.

Step 7: Give eggs into it
Now pour the egg-sand mixture into the container. In the vessel may only in the beginning
Water and sand are located. The first little Lepidurus will now hatch after 24-48h. Caution !: There are still eggs on the packaging. Move the bag up and
Strip / shake it over the container thoroughly.


Day 1-7: Feed dust food
Feed the little Lepidurus in the morning and in the evening with one toothpick tip each of the green ones
dust feed.

Day 7-X: Feed main food
Now feed the brown main food in the morning and in the evening. The big food should still be in the beginning
be shredded so the little Lepidurus can better absorb the food.
One should feed for each Lepidurus in the basin, per day about a bead.
From now on, do a water change once a week.
Caution !: Do not feed too much, because not eaten food spoils the water very quickly.
If necessary, you should aspirate leftover food and reduce the amount of food.

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